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MARI Seeks to eliminate medical error Advances in Medical Science Reduce Misdiagnosis to zero


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what is MARI Coin

A cryptocurrency unit for use in MARI

The ultimate goal of this organization is to reduce medical errors to zero. Through our services, control of all aspects of your health will be in your hands. You can quickly contact the top medical professionals anytime and anywhere without worrying about any medical error. We use MARI Coin to help people can access all services anywhere. MARI Coin makes services available independent of your location, nation, money, and any others. It’s easy to buy it and get your health care requirement with it.

To protect medical and patient data. In a decentralized blockchain-based data environment, we can finally have freedom over our data and use our health information according to our obligations.

Who we are


Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute (MARI) is a nonprofit, multidisciplinary academic organization focused on research in the fields of misdiagnosismalpractice, and error in medicine. MARI collaborates with more than 600 professors, academic professionals, and researchers from around the world.This organization is dedicated to finding the root causes of error in medicine and addresses them through awareness, education, and proactive research.

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we are

MARI Research

Our Services

Our Organization Services

Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute (MARI) is a nonprofit, multidisciplinary educational organization targeted at studies with in the fields of misdiagnosis, malpractice, and medication mistakes.

Professionals From the World's Academic Hubs

More than 600 professors, researchers, legal specialists, and healthcare professionals are currently working alongside MARI and helping to achieve our purposes. These specialists have dedicated their lives to improving health care services and preventing medical errors worldwide. Our experts have a variety of knowledge and understand all manner of medical and legal systems worldwide.

A Fresh and Comprehensive Perspective

This Organization incorporates medical experts and health care professionals from the top academic universities and research centers worldwide to create an inclusive and well-rounded team to address every aspect of medical malpractice. Inside our Organization are people who grew up and achieved great success in various fields of medicine. We provide many services to our members, including the promotion of individual medical skills.

We’re continually working to change the way people think about and engage with our Services

MARI Online Clinic

We aim to assist diagnosed patients if they aren’t glad about their analysis by supplying the possibility of verifying their fitness issues with world-elegance experts. We are proud to be participating with borderless, educational-primarily based physicians and experts affiliated with pinnacle universities global who’re leaders of their studies field. MARI Online Clinic has a specialty in supplying the maximum correct analysis for its patients.

MARI Consultation

MARI Consultation is a for-profit subsidiary of the Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute (MARI) and aims to connect world-class medical malpractice lawyers, expert physicians, and clinicians to patients, medical professionals, and others seeking justice in the medical field.In order to achieve this aim, MARI Consultation has developed a system to guide and connect specialists in the field of medical law and healthcare to patients and other medical professionals who are involved in malpractice, error in medicine related lawsuits, and are seeking retribution from injustices in the healthcare system. 

A world without medical error is our ultimate goal in MARI

MARI’s Start

MARI was founded in 2012 by Founder and President, Dr. Pooya Khan Mohammad Beigi, MD, who is a Dermatologist, Clinical Research Fellow and President of MisMedicine Organization and Research Institute. He created this team with a small group of professors and students to expand the community knowledge on topics related to misdiagnosis in dermatology such as Mycosis Fungoides and Acrodermatitis Enteropathica. Soon after, the team expanded and has reached the international platform and now has several offices in major cities all over the world.

Our Goal

Originating as the Misdiagnosis Association, the team rapidly evolved to encompass the vast research areas in sciences, which include medicine, pharmaceuticals, robotics, technology, and more, which have now become separate divisions among MARI. Each division serves its own role and have their own missions and goals, but still come together and integrate the main goals of MARI in promoting safe and healthy healthcare practice and communication to minimize the number of errors in medical and clinical practice.


MARI is a rapidly expanding network of researchers, professors, physicians and students across the world. As a result of the wide range of combined knowledge, this organization has published more than 198 scientific articles/papers and books.These published books are Clinician’s Guides that highlight singular commonly misdiagnosed conditions, such as Mycosis fungoides, Acrodermatitis Enteropathica, Pemphigus Vulgaris, Alopecia Areata and many more.

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